Food & Exercise Diary 25/10/2011

Food & Exercise Diary 25/10/2011

This is my food and exercise diary for today, I’ve never been very honest with myself with my activity and consumption so I’m hoping that if I put it on the internet I might be a little more straight about it.

06:15  Cup of tea (Soya Milk, No Sugar)
06:54  4.37KM Run (29:54)
08:00  Cup of tea (Soya Milk, No Sugar)
       Blueberry Wheats & Soya Milk
10:01  Large Filter Coffee (Semi Skimmed Milk, No Sugar)
       2 Extra Strong Mints
10:30  2 Extra Strong Mints
11:34  Orange Squash (Started Bottle)
       Tub of Fruit & Nuts (Started Tub)
       2 Extra Strong Mints
12:12  2 Extra Strong Mints
12:40  Tiger Bread & Ham Sandwich
14:36  Large Cup of Tea (Semi Skimmed Milk, No Sugar)
       Finished Orange Squash

And then it all went a bit wrong

20:00  4 Pints of Spitfire Ale
       Selection of Bar Snacks


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