Late Night Reflections

Late Night Reflections


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July 11th, 2011 | Podcasts | 1 Comment

One Response to “Late Night Reflections”

Hello, I assume this was written on camp???? (didn’t hear the first bit quite, it came out quietly on my puter).

Just wanted to say that feeling happier on camp than at work does not mean that you “have spent 10 years doing the wrong thing”…. even if you do find yourself wanting a change, your time has not been wasted!

As it is, I think that everyone needs some variety in life, including between work and play, and pressure and relaxation. Your “play” is probably giving you almost as much pressure as your work at the moment… but soon you and the young people will reap the rewards of your efforts under this pressure – exhaustingly, exhilaratingly.
Putting yourself into a non-pressured environment for a bit must be a great relief – even with my rather haphazard work I felt that way this weekend when away with my Guides.

Hope you enjoyed some quiet time.

Charliestar on Jul 11, 2011

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