Xmas List 2008

Xmas List 2008

For anyone whose wondering what to get me for Christmas 2008 here are a few ideas.

Office Chair
Ikea Karsten

Digital Kitchen Scales
Salter Large Read Digital Scale

Digital Bathroom Scales
Salter Razor UST Scale

Slow Cooker
Morphy Richards Slow Cooker

Laptop Riser Stand
Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand

Apple Keyboard

Books ‘n Stuff

Rick Steins Coast to Coast
Jamies Ministry of Food
Closing Time – Joseph Heller
Something Happened – Joseph Heller
God Knows – Joseph Heller
Catch as Catch Can – Joseph Heller
Notes from a Small Country – Bill Bryson
Notes from a Big Country – Bill Bryson
Down Under – Bill Bryson

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