This Country Is Heading To The Dogs!

I tend not to pay attention to the govenments increasing anti terrorist laws on the basis that we seemed to need less protection when the IRA where detonating bombs all over the UK. However reading in the varous broadsheets about our leaders plans to turn the UK into a fortress with luggage checking at railway stations. At this rate I won’t be able to posess a pocket knife, something Ive done since childhood or own an axe for use on camp. Combined with the health and safety numpties who continually tell me that kids shouldn’t be allowed to do anything even remotly exciting or even containing the slightest element of risk. On top of this we have gangs of youths with firearms, people who have no desire to work when the government benifits will look after them, and all night binge drinkers trashing our towns and cities without it appears any reprisal.

If there was a better solution I’m all ears, but at the moment all I have is my faith in humankind eventually coming around, and my groundlevel community work. Of course when the revolution comes I’ll be the first over the barracade.