Sickness And All That Jazz

After spending five days telling my self that it’s just a bit of a cough, I was sent home from work on Monday.  Oh yes my little touch of sickness left me with coughing fits, almost no voice and a generally sore throat.  Thankfully it’s not a chest infection just the result of being run down and trying to push myself a little to hard at the same time I had started to reduce my calorie intake as part of a diet plan.

I am a silly boy sometimes.

The problem I have with being sick is that I have all my facilities but am stuck at home trying not to infect anyone, or do anything that might damage my body further, including going outside to the shops.  Thank god for Tescos on-line as i have absolutely no food in the house whatsoever.  As a result I am bored stiff, playing with some Lego lost it’s appeal Monday evening, and the marathon CSI and badge sewing kinda got boring yesterday.

As soon as my voice comes back I’m off to work.