Am I some sort of social f**king pariah

Am I some sort of social f**king pariah

OK so I’m getting to the age where most of my friends are in relationships of some sort of the other so I am slowly getting used to being the fifth wheel at functions and such.  But I must truly admit to being fed up of spending weekends on my own.  I used to think it fun to have a nice quiet weekend, you know late breakfast, mooch through the papers, a bit of a stroll or out on the bike, and then a bit of nice tea or a takeaway.  But recently It’s been so much like oh yay what shall I do, hmm laundry and make my lunches for the next week.  Oh what fun.

I’m in the kitchen right now making some of my awesome veggie chili, which takes about 4 hours to cook properly listening to Kerrang radio and there is some chick who got dumped so she text messaged in asking them to hook her up.  If I could be bothered I’d message them, but then shes probably 16 or something like that.

I really need to stop being negative and find the positive side,  roll on the Jamboree.

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