It’s Getting Worse

I was reading the news on the BBC yesterday and a chap at work pointed out this story.

On the whole it shocks me terribly, not that the police officer had to use force, but that after getting completly drunk vandising someones car and fighting with the police and resisting arrest that she hopes they get whats coming to them. Why is it in this day and age people will commit a criminal offence and then act like and for want of a better word a complete arsehole and then have the audacity to complain that it was unfair.

Heres one for you Toni Comer how do you think the copper felt whilst you where fighting and punching him after breaking the law. Quite frankly I think you got what was coming to you. And Local Race Relations Manager Ruggie Johnson, how dare you claim it was race related, do you live in a totaly bizzare world where she wasn’t pissed and wasn’t fighting with a police officer. Oh for the love of all that is holy, will you people just admit that fact that sometimes there is only one way of dealing with a violent drunk. Subdue them and put them in the wagon. Lets not forget that her behaviour cost somebody money when she damaged their car and cost the taxpayer when the wagon came and the proceeding legal costs.

Now before the hate mail starts let me be clear I don’t support police brutality in any way but I do beleive that the officers protecting the rights of ordinary law obiding citizens have a right to defend themselves when the person they are arresting is being violent.

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to drink, period.

Tom Reynolds at random acts of reality discusses it here