Almost The End

Almost The End

The year is almost over, and again the cold fact that my life seems to resolve around doing things for other people I am in effect a servent to the masses. It’s quite annoying as I see people the same age as me getting on with their lives, long term relationships, buying houses, shiny new cars, holidays to exotic countries. What do I have, a rented flat I can barely afford, a broken car, and the only girl I thought liked me won’t reply to my text messages.

I hate the festive period, dammit why do people have to be so happy. I especially hate new year, as this will be the forth on my own. I’ll be at a party somewhere (drunk probably) but when the clock strikes 12, unless i’m gonna kiss myself i’m out of luck. Strangly I don’t think Ive kissed a girl in at least 3 years, that really sucks. I think kids in primary schools get more action than me now.

Well boo hoo stop your whining, I can hear some of you saying.

Ok I could shut up, but then my head would explode from the pressure built up from negative thinking. Maybe I could funnel all this negativity into something usefull, like becoming a trained hitman or just a psyco killer or just doing something stupid like ropeless bungee jumping.

Maybe 2006 will be better, oh no wait I get to be another year older so it won’t.

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