Why is there no good places to rent?

Iv’e been renting for the lasting 7 years, and it becomes apparent after time that no matter where you go or who you rent through the accomodation always sucks, theres just always something wrong with it. Now don’t rush to call me cynical but the only way to get nice digs is to buy them myself and do them up the way I see fit, except on what I earn purchasing a house or even a flat is damm near impossible. Over the years Iv’e rented and shared a variety of houses and flats most have been cold, damp, poorly maintained, have completly mad landlords or just be nasty. The problem is that when you view the damm things they always look so nice.

What makes me laugh out loud is the money that some landlords think that their property is worth, I guess they think it cost me 30 grand to buy this dump 5 grand to do it up and if I flogged it on the open market some idiot would pay me £200,000 for it because estate agents have no idea of what something is really worth (I think they just make it up), so I can rent it at £800 a month. For £800 a month there damm well better be a butler in the 3 bedroom flat with no ensuite.