Media studies overtakes physics

According to a report on the BBC (link) more students are taking subjects with poorer career prospects such as media, film, and TV studies rather than more tradditional subjects.

I think the fact that young people just are not interested in the more tradditional routes shows why we have become a country of consumers, no one is really innovating or inventing anything. We get a lot of “we build websites using new media” companies but woo hoo I do a bit of that. what we really need is a new system, scrap AS, A2 and A Levels because everyone seems to do well at them and as far as I can make out from talking with friends working in university’s they are really no help at identifying the really promising candidates at all. Bring in a system of Diplomas, that focus the student on what they want to be doing at the end, I don’t have a single A-Level but I do have a National Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering which got me five unconditional unversity offers so it can’t be all that bad. By offering focused course’s the students can cover far more interesting subjects rather than the crammed into two years of two hours a week subjects we have now. and by offering more interesting subjects hopefully the numbers of Engineers, Scientists, Mathmaticians, and all the other really interesting subjects would go up.

What made me laugh at university when I first arrived was the number of students that enrolled on an engineering course and just didn’t have a clue. They had studied various A-Levels and then just decided to study a degree course they liked the look of. This ment that the first year of study was pretty much spent doing basic stuff, this is a resistor, this is a computer, etc, etc. Unless we do something soon, it will be all to late and the British heritage of being inventors and innovators will all be gone and the country will be left importing everything and not really making anything.

There is also some interesting stuff about the changes over the years to the A-Level System on the BBC (link)

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